Took a trip to Fabricland today!

I sure have neglected this thing. I'll just leave this here... It aught to keep you satiated between blog posts.

Anywho, I'm finally going to do some sewing. I have to, nothing fits! Ivan's quilt is still on hiatus as I'm not 100% happy with how it's turning out. I will finish it, I have to, but it's sitting silently for the moment.

Picked up a pattern (Burda 7363) and enough fabric for view B. I usually do maxi skirts but decided to leave my comfort zone for once. Besides, even though the fabric was on sale, it was on hubby's dime and it only needs 2m for the shorter skirt.

I have to head back for the member's sale coming up as I have a few things to make for gifts (and for myself) that aren't on sale right now.

I also have lots of knitting/crochet on the go. I have two pairs of boot socks for a friend (which I need to finish before spring hits!!) It's been such a mild winter though, she may not even wear them until next year...

But without further ado, here's a couple shots of the fabric:

Can't wait to wash it up and start sewing! First off, gotta find my scissors and have at the pattern pieces...