Crewel sampler anyone?

I just found this pattern and I had to share it.  It's such a cute sampler that would look so nice in a little girl's room.  I might just have to get it, I have a couple little girl relatives...  Ooh!  One day they'll be old enough to make their own samplers, too!  Oh man, if I ever have a daughter I'm going to get her hooked young.  Not to say I wouldn't teach my son if he were interested.

Here's the link:  Daisy Chain ABC Sampler

There's also a stitchalong on flickr, just too adorable.

I really don't need another project, but I love the look of crewelwork.  It lends itself really well to folk art designs, and I love the "rugged" look crewel wool lends to a piece.  It hasn't been incredibly popular since the 70s, I totally think it should come back.  It's such a cool facet of embroidery to me.  A google search shows vintage and contemporary pieces, to get the gist of what I mean.

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