Just my luck...

So, I needed thread and safety pins and some other things from Fabricland.  We haul ourselves over there this morning and I get the stuff, everything is fine, baby is having a grand ol' time and all that.  Then we decide to go to Bulk Barn, right next door.  Fine.  I get some dark chocolate covered almonds, great.  However, I LEAVE MY FUCKING FABRICLAND BAG with all the stuff I need RIGHT NOW in the isle.  Top it off?  DH drove out to Kakabeka with DS so I could pin the quilt all together and start quilting it.  And I can't.  What a waste of my alone time.  Do I decide to do housework?  Fuck no.  I'm pissed.

So now that my rant is over, here's some eye candy:

 ...All laid out, ready to be safety pinned all together so I could get going with the quilting, but I have to fold it all up.  Argh.  Oh well, there's always after bedtime.

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