First post!

So this is my first post.  I suppose I should fill you in on things, like the purpose of this blog, etc etc.  Here goes!

I like to knit, spin, crochet, sew, quilt, embroider...  Pretty well anything with textiles.  I like creating warm, functional, and sometimes even pretty things.  However, considering I have to run after a one-year-old all day, I thought if I can't find time to do these things, I'll try writing about them!  I occasionally cook, too, and my husband and I are paleo and so I'll also be going on about that, too, I'm sure.  (Everyone likes talking about what they eat, what's up with that?)  My son is "helping" me type, so, this will be continued later.  By helping, of course, I mean smashing on the keys and grabbing at the mouse.  Sometimes he makes my computer do the strangest things just by mashing keys when I'm not around to stop him!!

(Now it's after he's gone to bed...  Woohoo!)

I've got a huge pile of WIPs on the go.  A pair of socks for my niece, with yarn set aside for a matching dress and hat; a jacket for my son, and I plan on making multiple socks for him (I got a ton of sock yarn on clearance!); an afghan for DS; wool from Creature Comforts and Katrina's Wool World waiting to be spun, and some wool that's spun and sitting on the bobbin that I need to deal with; and finally, my current active WIP, a quilt for DS made with a charm pack and yardage from Moda's Wee Wonderland line.

So why aren't I working on anything right now?  Well, I decided to paint my nails for the first time in YEARS.  Probably since 2008 at least.  I've never been good at doing my nails, and lets just say this lack of practice definitely shows.  Seriously I've seen better nails done by 5-year-olds playing with mommy's makeup.  I don't know why, I'm just particularly inept at doing my own nails.  Globby mess.  Oh well!  The texture gives visual interest DAMNIT!

So here are some fabrics  I'm coveting:
Larkspur in tea by Alexander Henry
Floral Silhouettes in Lush by Patricia Bravo
Fresh Cut Flowers in Paprika by Sandi Henderson
Big Owls in grey by Kokka
Matryoshka in peach by Kokka

I'm thinking of doing a quilt in Impressions by Ty Pennington (spice pallet) OR Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry (granite collection).  I've also been oogling Silent Cinema by Jenean Morrison but I don't know if I like how bold some of the prints are; same deal with Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry (I'd go for either the "pond" or "sunglow" pallet I think, maybe a mix.)

Not like I have any money!  Ha!  A girl can dream though, right?  Really, wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy ALL the fabric and ALL the wool?!  But really, where would I store it all?  My house has no closets!

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